Recycled Glass Countertops


Bold, unique art as a countertop that will retain timeless character

Recycled glass countertops are gorgeous, colorful surfaces which draw attention as works of art. They have a handmade feel as each slab is unique and has incredible timeless character. Recycled glass also lends any design scheme a playful, artsy element.

  • Variety of applications in tile or slab form
  • Chips and cracks can be easily repaired
  • Perfect for high-traffic applications
  • Resistant to high heat
  • UV resistant

Why is it sustainable? Our recycled glass products are all made almost entirely from recycled glass, reusing a non-biodegradable material that often gets dumped in landfills. Both Ice Stone and Vetrazzo products contain non-toxic cement and pigments and are made in the United States.

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