Recycled-Content Acrylic Countertops


Low-profile, easy-to-look-at working surfaces

Acrylic surfaces are seamless and have a low-profile, modest yet high-quality look. Countertops can be a variety of uniform colors or can have a veined or fossilized pattern. Versions that incorporate aluminum offer a slightly bolder and more artsy feel. The result is a functional aesthetic that fits into a variety of design styles.

  • Hygienic and nonporous
  • Stain resistant and self-sealing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Seams are invisible

Why is it sustainable? Green acrylic countertops are made up of industrial waste and other recycled products and therefore helps slow the rapid growth of landfills. The brands that we carry are also low VOC-emitting materials and are manufactured in the United States. Alkemi products also incorporate post-industrial recycled aluminum scraps.

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