We love natural plasters!

American Clay plaster lends indoor walls an inviting feel in a variety of naturally-pigmented colors. It can also yield a wide range of textures giving its surface compelling depth and warmth and creating a hand-done, timeless feel. Plasters are anti-static and resistant to mold and fungus. They are manufactured with 100% natural materials in the United States. American Clay is also committed to using recycled content and low-energy production methods.

Eco Stucco plaster is a lime-based plaster that comes in natural tones and lends a traditional, southwest feel as both an interior and exterior finish. Like clay plaster, lime plaster is a 100% natural material that gives surfaces depth and character. Eco Stucco is manufactured by a California-based company that is committed to energy efficiency and the reduction of fossil fuel emissions. Their product is made from renewable and recyclable materials.

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