Custom Cabinets


We love custom cabinets!

In-House, Local Cabinet Shop

We construct the bones of our cabinets from FSC certified prefinished maple plywood held together with urea-formaldehyde free glues and finished with no-VOC finish. We use Blum hinges and glides on all doors and drawers as a continuation of our commitment to a high-quality, sturdy and durable finished product.

Doors and drawers, or the visible faces of cabinetry, can be done in bamboo, FSC certified hardwood or even in reclaimed material. Bamboo is the most popular choice with horizontal or vertical options in a wide variety of beautiful colors ranging from espresso to amber to natural blonde.

Cabinets are custom-made to adhere to customer-specified design principles. We work primarily within face-frame or European styles:

Face-Frame: many design possibilities for a more traditional personalized look

  • Hinges are adjustable
  • Strong and sturdy

Euro-Style: simple, contemporary designs with a sleek European feel

  • Thicker box walls
  • More storage space
  • Easier access to objects

Our cabinet shop is called Green Leaf Cabinets and is family-owned just like Green Goods is. Brian Roberson is our chief cabinetmaker and also specializes furniture and millworks including a variety of casings and moldings. Please visit our cabinet shop’s website for more information.

We love clean, green materials!

We use sustainably harvested or even reclaimed wood and bamboo in all of our cabinetry. Also, any glues or finishes fit strictly into our commitment to maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

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