Carpeting offers a warm, cozy floor in a variety of multi-colored to natural tones. Natural or synthetic carpeting come made from natural or synthetic materials in cut pile or loop pile.

Carpeted floors add a warm feeling to living areas and are ideal for the personalization of any space. Whether manufactured from synthetic or natural fibers, they provide a more comfortable surface to sit, play or work.

  • Bedrooms and living areas
  • Thermal resistance
  • Dirt and stain resistant
  • Cushioning in case of slips/falls
  • Sound absorption

Synthetic carpeting is made from recycled petroleum-based materials or from corn sugar. Either way, it helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Natural fiber carpets are made from sheep’s wool or from sisal from the agave plant, both of which are biodegradable. Both are free of dyes and are naturally renewable resources.

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